KATEDRA ANIMACE | Akademie múzických umění v Praze


Established in 1947 and built by most influential Czech filmmakers of that time, FAMU is one of the oldest film schools in Europe. At  the dawn of the 1960s, FAMU was the birthplace of the young artists movement which later became known as Czech New Wave, er, constituted Czech film’s hitherto most significant contribution to world cinematography and brought to Czechoslovakia- among other -  two Oscars for best foreign films. Today, FAMU ranks among TOP 15 International Film Schools list as published annually by The Hollywood Reporter and its students, pedagogues, and graduates enjoy many successes at home and abroad. 

FAMU’s Department of Animation (KAT) will turn 30 next year. We would like to proudly present to you a selection of the latest students’ works, which means the best animated movies and exercises created over the course of the past five years. KAT’s graduates often quite successfuly continue working in the field of animation and it will present their current views and experiences of applying what they learned at school in praxis. The selection will also show the energy and attitude of the youngest students, i.e. the current ones.